Expensive tools aren’t the only option for #GraphicDesign and never were | #Opensource #alternatives #tools


Find out how one graphic designer was introduced to open source through an advertiser and never looked back, and we learn about 10 tools to use.

Source: Why open source graphic design and 10 tools for designers | Opensource.com

  • Layout—Scribus (InDesign, QuarkXPress)
  • Photo—GIMP (Photoshop)
  • Vector—Inkscape (Illustrator, Acrobat [PDF])
  • Animation/Video—Blender (After Effects, Premiere)
  • Text/Charts—LibreOffice (Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Web—WordPress (Dreamweaver)
  • File transfer—Filezilla (Fetch, WS-FTP)
  • e-Books—Calibre (InDesign)
  • Web conferencing—Big Blue Button (Adobe Connect, WebEx, ReadyTalk)
  • Project management—OrangeScrum (FunctionPoint)

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